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About Me

I am a very hard worker, challenger and team player. Over the past, I improved substantially at managing multiple tasks and at allocating my time efficiently as I worked very hard to overcome different stages of challenges. I would like to continue to challenge myself, and I believe that my hard-working feature will help me fulfill my role successfully. I am also very well-rounded and have robust relationships with people I have worked with. I am very committed to my roles.

Featured Projects


Pulser - UCSD HC4H

Our goal is to enhance the efficacy of the alarm system & To lessen the burden of practitioners in hospitals

  • The current alarm system leads to alarm fatigue
  • The current alarm system alerts everyone in the hospital, instead of only those that need to be notified
  • The current alarm system cannot track the response to the alarm
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EMS Track - Cruz Roja

Our mission is to partner with health organizations to help residents of underserved communities worldwide make better use of their resources in emergency medical situations by providing them with an enhanced infrastructure that can track, dispatch, and visualize resources in real time on a map.

  • Python
  • Django
  • Android Studio

Rescue Camera - Cruz Roja

Mission: to design a search and rescue camera to find people trapped inside collapsed structures. This camera will be used by urban search and rescue technicians in case of earthquake, collapsed buildings, mudslides.

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Linux
  • IoT
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SLAM Reconstrucion

3D Reconstrucion - Google Tango

The goal of this project is to implement technological advancements in current field of art and archeology for further visualization. This visualization not only allows artists and archeologists to detail their findings, but also allows them to build a highly scaled model with much deeper depth and detail. Even today, many of the artists and archeologists are limited from many of these modern resources. These artists and archeologists use an out-dated method of drawing a 3D model on paper with pencil. This use of long established method, when compared to the use of modern technology, falls behind in many qualities; as the size of mapping gets larger, visualization through the use of traditional method gets obscure. Thus, with bigger findings, this 3D reconstruction provides better accuracy and efficiency. This project aims to provide artists and archeologists with a mobile system that can reconstruct an underground environment, with real-time partial or full feedback.

  • SLAM
  • Android
  • Google Tango
  • Embedded Systems
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